From Rufus:

"My aims, when I set out to create our textile collection, were threefold:

-The base cloth should be good quality and 100% natural fibre. I'm a big believer that the nicest materials to live with are those that have been harvested or hewn from the land. In my own designs, I tend to try and avoid using synthetics as, to my eye, they lack in depth and soul.

-All designs should be conceived by hand. I firmly believe that the imperfections derived from first drawing/painting my designs by hand gives the finished product a much greater beauty than it otherwise would have. To me this added layer of complexity simply cannot (yet) be replicated by someone using a stylus and graphic design software.

-I wanted designs that had some root in tradition but that felt thoroughly relevant today. I feel we've achieved that but..........have a look.....let me know what you think?!


Beautiful natural textiles for interiors



Rufus Normanton is an established interior designer who has worked on wide variety of projects both in the UK and internationally. These have included country houses, housing developments and public buildings. 

He lives in Norfolk, England with his wife, two children and their ever disobedient family dog.

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